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Sample Concert Programs: Eccles Organ Festival September 14, 2014, May 8, 2014

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Statement of philosophy on the role of a church musician/organist


The angels sang at the birth of Jesus; the twelve apostles sang a hymn with the Savior after the Last Supper—it is remarkable that music occupied such an important role in the events surrounding Christ’s birth and death. I recently saw the power of music in my grandma who struggled with dementia. Before she passed away, many of her children and grandchildren gathered around her as we sang hymns. She recalled every word to those hymns, regardless of her inability to remember the names and faces of her own children. I witnessed first hand the power of music to embed itself deep within the soul. Music ministry occupies an extremely important role within the conversion process of the believer. It is through music that Christ’s words are planted deep within the heart, and lifelong service and commitment are cultivated. My ambition as a music minister is to understand music’s many facets and how they may be employed to bring as many individuals as possible unto Christ. Finally, our Savior prayed that we might be one as He is one with the Father. It is my goal to amicably work alongside the many individuals that labor to bring souls unto Christ.

Statement of faith journey


Many years ago, my grandma Lois spent a small inheritance on an organ for her home. Even with the little training that she had, she taught her children and many others how to play the hymns for church. As a result of her commitment to music, many of her forty-eight grandchildren received music training in some form. This was the beginning of my musical legacy. My mother began teaching me organ lessons at age nine, and soon after she encouraged me to learn every hymn in the hymnbook, which I did. These hymns instilled in me a love for my Savior. As my musical ability and understanding increased, I discovered a desire to create music that reflected my beliefs. I first began writing hymn arrangements for the organ. These small pieces eventually evolved into large-scale works. My compositions are deeply spiritual and contain imagery and thematic material that are focused on Jesus Christ. One of my choir and organ pieces, A Nativity, juxtaposes Mary’s yearning for peace with the believer who wishes to experience Christ. I have found that my calling into music ministry involves the composition process, which allows me to share my belief in Jesus Christ in a deep and personal way that is only augmented by performing my own music. 

List of References 


Matt Gaston, Pastor at University Park United Methodist Church, Dallas, TX: 214-368-1435 x 105, mgaston@upumc.org

John Priddy, Music Director at First United Methodist Church, Denton, TX: 940-382-5478 x 242, jpriddy@fumc-denton.com

Robert August, Music Director at First Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, TX: 682-552-9765, jsbach_august@yahoo.com