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From the quietest whisper toward the transcendent cascade of sound, the Choral Artists capture the infinite in this live performance of Lloyd's timeless masterpiece.

Performed by: The Choral Artists of Fort Worth with Ryan Chatterton as artistic director.

Featuring: S. Andrew Lloyd - organ, Julia Bushkova - violin, Carol Harlos - cello, Jeffrey Snider - baritone, Jennifer Youngs - soprano, and William Joyner - Tenor

(if you live in or around Denton, you may contact S. Andrew Lloyd directly rather than pay for shipping)

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Taking over two years to write and at around an hour in length, S. Andrew Lloyd's CHRISTUS is a monumental tour de force. As a traditional art mass, CHRISTUS uses Latin texts, English Biblical texts, and poetry by Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889) to paint a picture of Christ's hands as not only those that were offered up on the cross, but as those that created the universe and are outstretched still pleading for His children to come unto Him. Unlike most other large-scale works about Christ, CHRISTUS juxtaposes themes of life, death, resurrection, and creation simultaneously rather than sequentially, thus communicating an infinite view of Christ's atonement. This live recording expresses the absolute attention to detail and refinement of sound that is characteristic of Ryan Chatterton and the Choral Artists of Fort Worth. It is through this ensemble's careful and quiet dedication to this brilliant new work that the composer's vision is aptly extracted from the page and CHRISTUS is truly rendered to life.

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